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Call for Participation – Come and join us at SpaceUp!

Call for Participants – Join us from 6-7th September 2019 for SpaceUp Wales

SpaceUp Wales is an ‘’unconference’’ totally dedicated to everything about Space. What makes SpaceUp Wales different from other conferences is that it is you, the participants, who decide the topics, what gets talked about, themes, and the structure of the event. 

SpaceUp Wales is an event for space enthusiasts of every capacity, from young people to students, educators to scientists, creatives to citizens, technologists to entrepreneurs, and professionals within the space, tech and research community. 

You don’t have to be a space scientist to come along, aslong as you are nuts about space you are welcome to attend!

Come and find out about:

  • Space missions, citizen science projects, and opportunities for participation in space based initiatives in the region.
  • Education programmes and activities to engage people young in Space and Astronomy
  • Talks, hands-on experiments, demonstrations and live video link ups to speakers, scientists and industry representatives from around the world.
  • Initiatives using space based applications in a range of areas from technology, agriculture, travel, design, etc.
  • Careers information and representatives from local business, industry and government.

You will be amazed at what comes out of SpaceUp. You might see problems solved, plans hatched, projects kicked off, businesses started, and amazing friendships born.

To participate in SpaceUp Wales and submit a talk/demo/idea/presentation/you name it! contact us at info (at)spaceartemis (dot)com