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SpaceUp Wales

SpaceUp Wales

What makes SpaceUp Wales different from other conferences is that it is you, the participants who decide the topics, schedule, and structure of the event.

SpaceUp is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people and discuss topics related to space exploration and the development of Space. As an unconference you get to decide what gets talked about, and most importantly, take an active part in talking and joining in the debates.

You will be amazed at what comes out of SpaceUp. You might see problems solved, plans hatched, projects kicked off, businesses started, and amazing friendships born.

SpaceUp Wales  is open to everyone and aims to bring everyone with an interest in Space together – from young people to educators, researchers, scientists, businesses, technologists, creatives, industry representatives, policy makers and government.

Participants are welcome to propose themes for the sessions, and invited speakers will be presenting projects happening in the region, and opportunities to get involved with a range of local and international space initiatives.

What the Heck is a SpaceUp ?

To give you a better idea of what a SpaceUp is, check out this video! You might find that a SpaceUp includes MoonPie eating contests, figuring out how to send stuff into Space, firing rockets, and having fun without the boring stuff

SpaceUp Wales


Add SpaceUp Wales To Your Diary!

SpaceUp Wales will be taking place from 6-7th September  2019 in North of Wales.

Friday 6th September 2019

The OpTIC Centre, St Asaph

Activities will follow a Space for Business Theme, bringing together stakeholders within Wales and the wider region to discuss all things Space

See Agenda

Saturday 7th September 2019

G2G Communities, Rhyl

Activities will follow a Space for Citizens Theme, showcasing Space education projects in the region and community projects

See Agenda

Want to Speak at SpaceUp Wales?


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