Practical Solutions for Today’s Global Challenges

Your Route To Space

At Artemis Space we provide low cost access to space through a range of innovative products and services. Our focus is on developing technologically advanced spacecraft and robotics to meet the needs of our customers, and open access to new markets. 

  • Micro Satellites – Ranging from 1 to 27U the Artemis Xplora Platform’s flexible form factor revolutionises the CubeSat concept, providing increased mission capability

  • High Altitude Experiments – We specialise in High Altitude Experiments and Aerial Imaging ranging from Balloons to Pseudo Satellite Drones

  • Space Applications & Services – Providing innovative solutions to sourcing, analysing and deploying satellite driven data

  • Robotics – Driving innovative technologies for robotic space exploration and future missions to the Moon, Mars and Deep Space

Seek The Challenge. Explore New Frontiers.

Our mission is to use science and technology as a tool to provide practical solutions to the global challenges we face. Whether we are developing a new satellite platform, advanced robotics for planetary exploration, or a revolutionary application of technology, our team is driven to explore space and make space accessible to all. 

Meet Our Team

Sotira Trifourki
Sotira TrifourkiCEO & Founder
Sotira is Founder and CEO of Artemis Space. She leads the overall business operations and company strategy. Sotira is an innovation facilitator with expertise in convening systems of stakeholders around complex networks, building connections between companies, researchers, government agencies and NGOs throughout Europe, the Middle East, and U.K. She started her career as a research scientist and has spent 20 years supporting businesses, social enterprises and entrepreneurs with business development and new market strategies. Sotira received her BSc. in Astrophysics from The University of Manchester.
Glen Cornhill
Glen CornhillChief Technical Officer
As CTO, Glen leads spacecraft and robotics design, advanced manufacturing, mission operations and platform development for Artemis Space. Glen also leads the Artemis Space education and outreach programmes, along with our challenges and Hackathons. He has extensive experience in developing technology education resources and teaching, reaching hundreds of young people through a number of STEM initiatives. Glen received his BSc in Physics with Space Science from the University of Leicester and is currently studying towards a MSc in Space Science and Technology from the Open University.