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SpaceUp Wales

SpaceUp Wales  is open to everyone and aims to bring everyone with an interest in Space together – from young people to educators, researchers, scientists, businesses, technologists, creatives, industry representatives, policy makers and government.

Participants are welcome to propose themes for the sessions, and invited speakers will be presenting projects happening in the region, and opportunities to get involved with a range of local and international space initiatives.

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UK Space Conference 2019

This is the platform to reach c.1,400 decision makers, industry experts, government officials and innovators from across the UK and international space sector. In 2019 the conference will have a much greater international presence, attracting delegates and contributors from all over the world to exchange ideas and explore partnership opportunities.

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  • Companies

Organisation Categories Location Descriprion
AAC Microtech Satellite Communications, Sub Systems Uppsala, Sweden ÅAC Microtec primarily provides space solutions and systems for commercial, governmental, and educational customers.
Alba Orbital Satellite Comunications, Pocketqubes Glasgow United Kingdom Alba Orbital build and design the world’s smallest commercial satellite platforms being PocketQube format.
GomSpace Satellite Communications, Subsystems, Payloads Aalborg, Denmark GomSpace is a space company with a mission to be engaged in the global market for space systems and services by introducing new products.
Clyde Space Satellite Communications, Sub Systems Glasgow, UK Clyde Space is a company that designs and manufactures hardware for CubeSats, small satellites, nanosatellites.
Bradford Space Satellite Communications, Sub Systems Heerle, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands Bradford is a high-tech European developer and manufacturer of satellite and spacecraft control sub-systems.
Capella  Space Aerospace, Image Recognition, Information Services, Satellite Communication San Francisco, California, United States Capella delivers persistent and reliable information from space independent of weather and light conditions.
Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. Aerospace, Satellite Manufacturing, Satellite Payloads, Satellite Sub-Systems, Telecommunications Surrey, UK SSTL is a spin-off company of the University of Surrey, now majority-owned by Airbus, that builds and operates small satellites.