Connecting the World from Space

Artemis Space is building a telecommunications infrastructure for in-space assets that will drive the new space economy. We plan to deploy a constellation of nanosatellites in orbit to provide a global communication infrastructure. This disruptive network of nano-satellites will create a real-time network through which internet of things (IoT) devices can communicate essentially building a cellular network in space.

Our Satellite-enabled IoT, with the advent of high-throughput Ku-band and Ka-band satellite connections, will create a broadband superhighway in space — easily handling the potential volume of opportunity in the IoT and M2M sectors.


Keeping you and your assets connected

At Artemis Space we solve connectivity challenges through our network of partners to enable you to stay connected 24/7, track assets and provide you with a secure, reliable service.

  • Wi-Fi on demand – No matter where you are or are travelling to

  • Location Tracking – analyse location-based data to drive transformative business performance

  • Monitoring and Security – Serving the connectivity and secure needs of enterprise, individuals and government

  • Transforming Connectivity – Leading the way in building the infrastructure for millions of devices to be connected



Stay connected wherever you travel to with our IoT Solutions


Smart wearable devices providing seamless connectivity

Smart Home

Transform your home into a Smart Hub

Industrial IoT

Improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs


IoT healthcare solutions that cover a range of applications


Solutions for environmental monitoring

Connected Vehicles

 Enabling automotive IoT solutions and connected cars

Smart Cities

Create safer, more efficient cities by transforming infrastructures, buildings, and services with IoT

Build the Future Together

Customer or Partner, we’d love to hear from you and how we can work together to build the future