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Let Us Take You There

We offer a range of products and services that assist you in accessing Space

Micro Satellites

Ranging from 3U to 48U the Artemis Xplora Platform’s flexible form factor revolutionises the CubeSat concept, providing increased mission capability.

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High Altitude Experiments

We specialise in High Altitude Experiments and Aerial Imaging ranging from Balloons to Pseudo Satellite Drones.

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Space Applications & Services

Providing innovative solutions to sourcing, analysing and deploying satellite driven data.

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Driving innovative technologies for robotic space exploration and future missions to the Moon, Mars and Deep Space.

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Hosted Payloads

Our Payload Hosting and Shared Satellite Services enable a new generation of missions.

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Turnkey Services

Our One-Stop-Shop for launch services, mission operations, licensing & insurance.

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XPLORA Satellite Platform

Adaptable, reliable, and combines the latest-cutting edge technology to tailor your missions

Design, Create, Launch, Innovate

The Artemis Space Marketplace brings together suppliers, sellers, engineers, and developers 

Artemis Products and Services

Helping you access Space through affordable solutions

Dedicated Support

We consider support as important as our technology and delivery process. Our support team are dedicated to tailor to your needs and provide you with the best solutions to assist you.


Your Route to Space

We are developing the next generation of lightweight, cutting-edge, technologically advanced spacecraft for our Earth Observation, Telecomms, IoT and In-Space Services Constellations.


Building the Future

We are developing and manufacturing advanced composites for Space exploration and terrestrial applications. We see advanced manufacturing as a gateway to solving a number of challenges, be it shelters for disaster struck regions on Earth or future manned Lunar bases. Our suite of technologies for manufacturing in Space will facilitate the fabrication of large scale structures, reducing the mass of future launches and increasing our capability for scaling current exploration activities.


Let's Explore Together

We offer Hosted Payloads and Satellite-as-a-Service opportunities through our Satellite and Planetary exploration missions. We see the value in building partnerships with like minded organisations wishing to explore Space. By joining us on future missions we can help you bring the cost down of accessing Space.


We Love Big Data

Finding solutions to your Big Data challenges in developing applications is our niche. We help you unleash the potential of data to power your business decisions. From environmental monitoring to Smart Cities we help every industry reach their full potential.