Artemis Space Technologies

Skyfox Labs Active GPS-L1 Patch Antenna Module piPATCH-MAX

FEATURES – Flight Model

Stable 50+ dBc-Hz SNR on ground for close-Zenith Satellites

Allows satellite tracking even when Nadir pointing GPS, GLONASS, or GPS+GLONASS available
Power consumption

20 mA (typical), 3.3 V @ 25°C
2.7 to 5.5V power supply
Large groundplane insulated from Structure Double ESD Protection, DC Short
Mass 89 grams
Dimensions 74×74×13 mm
Wide temperature range

-40 ̊C to +85 ̊C Connector

SMA-F, (both Signal + Power)

Straight or Right-angle on request
FR-4 Space-grade 4-layers PCB
SAW Filter
Patch Epoxy-fixed (3M Ultra Low Outgassing) Double-sided Kapton fix below Patch

60/40 Tin-Lead used (prevent tin whiskers)


The piPATCH-MAX is the SpaceFriendly GPS-L1 Micro Satellite Active Antenna module specially designed to provide strong signal for GPS satellites reception in space. Integrated Low Noise Amplifier as well as SAW filter are matched together with 35×35 mm Patch antenna and large ground plane. Easy-to-use SMA signal and power interface provides compact solution for all kind of projects where strong GPS signal reception with enough margins is required. The module could be easily mounted to the satellite structure using four M4 screws with a flat head. High quality conformal coating, Kapton fix and Sn/Pb tin-lead (non-RoHS) used for the Flight Model brings the best possible outgassing performance in vacuum environment of space. The antenna is fully compatible with piNAV-L1, piNAVi-L1 and pqNAV-L1 GPS navigation solutions as well as other GPS/GLONASS receivers with biased RF antenna inputs in the nominal range of 3.3V to 5V DC.