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At Artemis Space we provide low cost access to space through a range of innovative products and services. Our focus is on developing technologically advanced spacecraft and robotics to meet the needs of our customers, and open access to new markets.

Artemis XPLORA Platforms Range

Ranging from 3U to 36U the Artemis Xplora platform’s flexible form factor revolutionises the CubeSat concept, providing increased mission capability

  • Low cost, high performance Cubesat platform for a range of missions

  • Able to support a wide range of payloads

  • Perfect for constellations and stand alone science missions with a delivery time under 12 months

  • 50 kg payload capacity

  • Up to 90 W payload orbit average power

  • 250 W peak payload power

  • 20 arcsec pointing control

  • 10 arcsec pointing knowledge

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BEACON IoT Constellation

Artemis Space is building a telecommunications infrastructure for in-space assets that will drive the new space economy. We plan to deploy a constellation of nanosatellites in orbit to provide a global communication infrastructure. This disruptive network of nano-satellites will create a real-time network through which internet of things (IoT) devices can communicate essentially building a cellular network in space.

  • Data Driven –  Providing  global coverage through a constellation of 150 Satellites in Low Earth Orbit

  • Results Orientated – Help you navigate the complex IoT ecosystem and find solutions for your connectivity needs.

  • Always Connected – Improve operational efficiencies, keep your assets connected and track your organisation’s success through our IoT solutions 

  • Innovate – Transform and automate your operations through the latest IoT technologies 


High Altitude Experiments and Monitoring

Aztratos is a stratospheric capsule that is able to travel to the stratosphere (located between 15 and 50 km in height). The capsule is currently developed with two variant one is pressurized for living venture and unpressurised version for the non-living experiments. It is unique as a platform for high altitude space studies and scientific research.

  • Point-to-point navigation and persistent flight over areas of interest for weeks and months

  • Rapid deployment 

  • Downlink & uplink command capability

  • Standard and custom payload accommodations


Building the Future

We are developing and manufacturing advanced composites for Space exploration and terrestrial applications. We see 3D printing and advanced manufacturing as a gateway to solving a number of challenges, be it shelters for disaster struck regions on Earth or future manned lunar bases. Our suite of technologies for manufacturing in Space environments will facilitate the fabrication of large scale structures, reducing the mass of future launches and increasing our capability for scaling current exploration activities.

  • Advanced Composites for Radiation Shielding in terrestrial and In-Space applications

  • Additive manufacturing for lightweighting components

  • Rapid prototyping and manufacturing of tailored products for a range of industries

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As a pioneering tech company, we understand the challenges that businesses and organisations face in harnessing technology to achieve their goals. Our business and technology consultants help clients to implement business strategies and achieve business objectives.

  • Agile Project Delivery

  • Business, Technology & Design Consulting

  • Business Insight & Analytics

  • AI, IoT & M2M

  • Media & Marketing

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