SpaceUp Wales Agenda

A Space unconference?

As the name indicates, an unconference is not a typical conference, but what does that really mean? At SpaceUp, our goal is to provide the opportunity for space enthusiasts, students and professionals from all walks of life to meet, with the common goal of creating an atmosphere of open exchange between participants. It does not matter if you are a hardcore scientist or if you just find space awesome. Our aim is to give everyone a platform to share and discuss ideas and views. So don’t be shy, we’re all in it together! SpaceUp is your unconference, where you determine what happens.

Okay, I’m in. What’s on the agenda?

We will start the each day with an empty grid. We will have rooms, we will have timeslots, we will have you as participants. We will introduce the concept, warm you up with one or two short talks to get you inspired, and then leave it up to you to claim a slot and make the conference happen. You can be prepared or unprepared, it doesn’t matter. There is a timeslot and a room for you, and if you present something interesting, you will have an audience to share it with. And as it is your unconference, anything goes, as long as it is somehow related to space.


We have a number of invited speakers who will be presenting Keynote talks during the event. Speakers will be announced in the coming weeks, stay tuned through our SpaceUp Newsletter for more details and announcements.

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